Nature Vs Nurturing My Mind…

Between baking chocolate fondants (which I am renowned for in my house) and sitting at my desk for hours on end revising, my life has been pretty non-existent. I’ll rephrase that and say that my camera usage has been non-existent *guilty as charged*, which is really quite sad how it’s just sat there on the side, gathering dust.

Which reminds me- I still need to buy a new lens cap for my camera. Note: don’t go into the woods with a lens cap, drop it and then spend an hour re-tracing your steps (in the mud) in an attempt to find it, because chances are- YOU WON’T! The Circle of Life Rediscovery gang were adamant that I wouldn’t find it… and well to this day my lens cap is probably buried in mud as though its destiny is to become a fossilized ancient artifact hidden in the darkened depths of the woods at Bentley Wildfowl & Motor Museum!

But no fear, for I am a woman with a back-up plan… and a trusty iPhone! To snap photographs of here, there and wherever else my adventures may take me!


Recent walk around the Arlington Reservoir in East Sussex


Forever adoring nature photography. Did you know the original meaning of Tulips is “perfect love”.


Overlooking the sunset from the top of Seaford Head Cliffs

  Maybe I’m going a little stir-crazy from all this revision lately but there is something rather meaningful and emotive about the above photograph, of the sun setting. It looks from afar a standard photograph of a sunset, but when you look closely- there is a bird soaring, and a plane gliding. It makes me think that life, this world, is a continuous cycle. As one thing ends, and fades away over the horizon, there is still life clinging on to its providing light source.

Putting this context into my own life- it makes me ponder the thought, that maybe there are some things I should be letting go of myself. I’ve clung onto them for too long and now its light source, is only providing me unhappiness in return. Instead I shouldn’t be clinging onto that light source that I am visible to, but to board that plane and find a new source of light (read:happiness) instead.

{that probably made no sense whatsoever}


and lastly a new discovery! A park which I’ve recently found on my lazy, feeling over-heated walk around Lewes!

So next time I write I will have finished my exams… and finished College forever! Which’ll mean more time for Photography and adventures. I’ve already got some photography projects in the pipeline which I’m most excited to get started on, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Emma x