The Beyond the Classroom Conference has now been postponed until March 6th 2015!  Sorry for much dissapointment, but we are sure to bring the best to the next one, and of course continue to run lots of inspiring outdoor learning expereinces all over the South East and beyond!

Our conference in March will  inspire teachers to offer children enjoyable and rich developmental opportunities with inspiring and stimulating learning experiences. If you work with children with behavioral and attention issues, outdoor learning will encourage them to engage in different ways.

Primary school teachers and outdoor practitioners will attain new methods, ideas and tools in Outdoor Learning to enable their children to improve literacy standards and especially make their maths and science lessons interactive and come to life. This conference can help teachers deliver the new 2014 primary curriculum and gain a good Ofsted report.

Highlights of the conference

  • Opening keynote by Beth Gardner, CEO of the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom, on how Learning Outside the Classroom works with the 2014 curriculum
  • Closing keynote by Tim Gill, thinker and writer on childhood and learning, author of the ‘Sowing the Seeds’ report on London children’s access to green space, and owner of the Rethinking Childhood website.
  • Get new ideas of how to do Outdoor Learning in your school
  • Learn how to integrate it into your learning outcomes
  • Learn about the opportunities afforded by the new curriculum and by the providers of outdoor experiences and support for schools and children in your area.