The Beyond the Classroom Conference has now been postponed until March 6th 2015!  Sorry for much dissapointment, but we are sure to bring the best to the next one, and of course continue to run lots of inspiring outdoor learning expereinces all over the South East and beyond! Our conference in March will  inspire teachers to … Continue reading

Come Rain or Shine

Greetings One and All, You’ll have to forgive the lack of blogging these past few weeks… The end of my final year at College is slowing creeping up on me. Well that’s a lie! It’s hardly creeping but more so charging at me, in full speed! My life recently has been a whirlwind of homework, … Continue reading

moving stories: the spoken and unspoken

In many of these young people’s brief spoken testimonies the unsaid is the most moving aspect: they implication that their daily lives diminish them, stress them and separate them from themselves. How can we build a space for young people to grow fully in health and strength, emotionally, psychologically, socially and physically without burdens or … Continue reading

Maximising the use of the outdoor environment: Aughton Early Years Centre

Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage benefit from spending a lot of time learning through playing outside, whatever the weather. This makes a significant contribution to the excellent progress they make, particularly in their personal, social, emotional and physical development as well as their communication skills.   Overview – the centre’s message   ‘Outdoor play adds another … Continue reading

2K14 Has Arrived…

Greetings fellow bloggers, Happy New Year!! I hope you’ve all kicked off 2K14 with a bang! We’re nearing the end of January now and the ‘New Year’ feeling has pretty much almost worn off now. Funny how we’re only a month into the New Year, yet it feels like it has been so much longer! … Continue reading

Jingle All The Way!

Ho, Ho, Ho!! It’s that time of year again- Christmas and the festive time is very much upon us once again! Is it just me, but I’m sure Christmas comes round faster and faster each year?! So weird to think that this time in THREE days time it’ll be Christmas Day and no doubt right … Continue reading

Bonfires, Bangers and Brighton!

Greetings fellow bloggers, Hope you’re all well and enjoying the changing seasons wherever you may be in the world. The warm and inviting colors of Autumn are beginning to fade as the last of Autumn’s leaves fall to the ground. Really highlights how fast the seasons, and ultimately life passes by! Winter is very much … Continue reading